• Ishta winery

    Ishta is a family owned winery, that believes in freedom and in sharing experiences created with love

We carefully chose grapes from small farmers in Kakheti and Kartli regions, that are wholeheartedly taking care of their vinyards. Grapes are handpicked and sorted under our supervision, to make sure that only highest quality grapes go into production.

In Ishta winery we believe, that wine is a noble drink, which is embeded in the history of Georgia. We are happy to continue ancient winemaking tradition of Georgia and are thankful for the opportunity to share our small creations with you



2020 harvest. Village Okami, (Inner Kartli region). White fruit and almond aroma. White dried fruit taste


2020 harvest. Village Okami, (Inner Kartli region). Chinebuli juice is fermented on Tavkveri and Shavkapito skins. Aroma and taste of berries


2020 harvest. Village Tsinandali (Kakheti region). Apricot aroma. Taste of dried fruit


2020 harvest. Village Kurdghelauri. Kakheti region. Aroma and taste of black plum